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Retro: Omloop Het Volk 1983 Photo Gallery

02/27/2021 12:13
het volk83

PeloPics: This Saturday the first big single-day race in the north of Europe kicks off in Belgium; The Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. What better reason to pull out some old retro photos from the Cor Vos archive. Back in 1983 the season opener was known as the Het Volk and started and finished in Gent, now the finish is in Ninove with the Muur-Kapelmuur and the Bosberg coming in the finalé.

Photography was different in those days, film was expensive and the photographers had to make each click of the shutter count, so there are less pics in this photo gallery.

It was a warm spring day on March the 5th for the first race of the Belgian ’83 racing season. Unlike most editions of the Het Volk the riders were in short sleeves with no arm-warmers in sight and were not expecting to have to ride, or even walk on slippery cobbles.

Hoogvliet - Nederland - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - stock - archief - archive - illustration - Allan Peiper ( Team Peugeot) - Omloop Het Volk 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
Australian Allan Peiper was a team man and was probably working for Phil Anderson. They both finished together in a big group at 4 minutes

Hoogvliet - Netherlands - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Dietrich Didi Thurau (Team Del Tongo) pictured in 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
As far as we can see, Didi Thurau didn’t ride Het Volk in 1983 although his photo was in the collection, but he was one of the coolest riders in the peloton. By 1983 he had seen his best seasons, winning Liège-Bastone-Liège, Tour de France and Giro d’Italia stages, Vuelta points competition and two National road titles. He raced for seven more years, changing team every year, until retiring at the end of 1989

Hoogvliet - Netherlands - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Dietrich Didi Thurau (Team Del Tongo) pictured in 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
Thurau just looked right on a bike

Hoogvliet - Nederland - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - stock - archief - archive - illustration - Jan Raas(Team TI Raleigh) - Fons de Wolf (Team Bianchi) - Omloop Het Volk 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
Ex-World champion, Jan Raas was a multi winner of Classics and Grand Tour stages, but 1983 was his last big year

Hoogvliet - Nederland - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - stock - archief - archive - illustration - Fons de Wolf (Team Bianchi) - Omloop Het Volk 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
Fons De Wolf was to be the next Eddy Merckx, but it never happened. At 27, 1983 was his last year of note, apart from a Tour de France stage win in 1984 and a Vuelta a España stage win in 1985, that was it over.

On one of the cobbled sections on the course with around 40 kilometres to go; Jan Raas attacked and was joined by Fons de Wolf, and that was the decisive point of the race.

Hoogvliet - Nederland - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - stock - archief - archive - illustration - Frank Hoste (Belgie) - Omloop Het Volk 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
Belgian champion Frank Hoste was a local boy from Gent and had won Gent-Wevelgem the previous year, but was better known as a stage winner and took the Tour de France points jersey in 1984. He was 13th in Het Volk ’83

Hoogvliet - Nederland - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - stock - archief - archive - illustration - Sean Kelly (Team SEM) - Omloop Het Volk 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
Sean Kelly won from Spring to Autumn, but never did win Het Volk, or De Ronde, two races that suited him perfectly

Hoogvliet - Nederland - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - stock - archief - archive - illustration - Gregor Braun (Team Benotto) - Omloop Het Volk 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
Gregor Braun was a track rider who won World and Olympic titles, but he was a strong man on the road and during his 14 year pro career he won many races including the 1982 Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne. He was also German sportsman of the year in 1976

It was expected that Raas would beat the young upstart De Wolf even though the Belgian had won the previous year, but as this was the first big race of the ’83 season no one was sure of the form. De Wolf had trained well with his new Italian Bianchi team, while Raas had problems through the winter with a jaw infection.

Hoogvliet - Nederland - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - stock - archief - archive - illustration - Fons de Wolf (Team Bianchi) - Jan Raas (TI-Raleigh) - Omloop Het Volk 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
Jan Raas was expected to win the sprint

When it came down to the sprint, De Wolf easily beat Raas to the line. Raas went on to win Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne the next day, followed it with victory in De Ronde van Vlaanderen and the Dutch championships, but at 30 years of age in 1983 his career was on the way down.

Hoogvliet - Nederland - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - stock - archief - archive - illustration - Fons de Wolf (Team Bianchi) - Omloop Het Volk 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
Winning the 1983 Het Volk only made the ‘next Eddy Merckx’ label even worse

In 1983 De Wolf won the Coppa Ugo Agostoni, Giro della Romagna and the Tour of Tuscany, from then on he was the guy who could have.

Hoogvliet - Nederland - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - stock - archief - archive - illustration - Gregor Braun (Team Benotto) - Omloop Het Volk 1983 - photo Cor Vos © 2015
A welcome drink for Gregor Braun, the big German finished 45th

1983 Het Volk was a good year for the Anglos. Paul Sherwen was the best placed English speaker in 16th place, Phil Anderson 22nd, Eric McKenzie 29th, Allan Peiper 30th, Sean Kelly 40th and Stephen Roche was 50th.

Gerrie Knetemann and best placed GB rider, Paul Sherwen. Sadly both are no longer with us

Sean Yates

GB champion John Herety

1983 Omloop Het Volk Result:
1. Fons de Wolf (Bel) Bianchi-Piaggio in 5:33:00
2. Jan Raas (Ned) TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo
3. Luc Colyn (Bel) Fangio-Tonissteiner-OM Trucks at 2:21
4. Kim Andersen (Den) Coop-Mercier-Mavic
5. Etienne de Wilde (Bel) La Redoute-Motobecane.
6. Johan van der Velde (Ned) TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo
7. Adrie van der Poel (Ned) Jacky Aernoudt-Rossin-Campagnolo (Father of Mathieu)
8. Jozef Lieckens (Bel) Safir-Van de Ven-Moser
9. Rudy Matthijs (Bel) Boule d’Or-Colnago at 3:54
10. Ludo Peeters (Bel) TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo
11. Pol Verschuere (Bel) Bianchi-Piaggio at 4:05
12. Jan Van Houwelingen (Ned) Boule d’Or-Colnago
13. Frank Hoste (Bel) Europdecor-Dries-Eddy Merckx
14. Eric Vanderaerden (Bel) Jacky Aernoudt-Rossin-Campagnolo
15. Léo van Vliet (Ned) TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo
16. Paul Sherwen (GB) La Redoute-Motobecane (RIP)
17. Ferdi van den Haute (Bel) La Redoute-Motobecane
18. Marc Madiot (Fra) Renault-Elf
19. Valerio Piva (Ita) Bianchi-Piaggio (Now CCC DS)
20. Eddy van Haerens (Bel) Safir-Van de Ven-Moser
21. Adri van Houwelingen (Ned) TI-Raleigh-Campagnolo
22. Phil Anderson (Aus) Peugeot-Shell-Michelin
23. Eddy Planckaert (Bel) Splendor-Euroshop
24. Jos Op Het Eyndt (Ned) Europdecor-Dries-Eddy Merckx
25. Jean-Louis Gauthier (Fra) Coop-Mercier-Mavic
29. Eric McKenzie (NZ) Splendor-Euroshop
30. Alan Peiper (Aus) Peugeot-Shell-Michelin
40. Sean Kelly (Irl) Sem-France Loire-Mavic
45. Gregor Braun (Ger) Vivi-Benotto-Selle Italia
50. Stephen Roche (Irl) Peugeot-Shell-Michelin.

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02/27/2021 12:13

By Troy Templin

How does a company like Specialized launch a new line of wheels that are designed with tubeless specific shapes, look like they have the appropriate specifications and even come with tubeless accessories but they claim are not tubeless in 2020?

Let’s step back a few months when Specialized dropped off the new Tarmac SL7 to the palatial, well-lit RBA office. This was about a month or two before the launch and they were, like normal, telling us how great the SL7 is. Much of the focus was around the pinnacle S-Works models. We remember clearly noticing the different rim profiles front to back and asking what the deal was. The Specialized reps told us that they would connect us with the Roval team, as they were still working on final launch details. We were left with the SL7 Pro model that we reviewed and is delivered with a new set of Roval Rapide CL wheels. These wheels don’t seem to be available for aftermarket and were not in our Roval launch material. On top of that Specialized was nice enough to build and tune our new bike so there was no small parts box or materials included.

Since the launch quite a few people have emailed me asking about the wheels and whether they are tubeless. Then the team at Roval and Specialized reached out to see if I would update my review saying they are not tubeless. This was a shock because while I rarely read the press kits telling you all the “great things” a bike has, I was sure I had deliberately removed the tires from both wheels to check internal construction as well as taken my own measurements.

Original photo taken before launch verifying internal construction and measurements.


Since one of our smartest test riders (he is a NASA rocket scientist) had the bike I asked if he could bring it in for me to check and to get his feedback. He is not an official expert in bike wheels but he has raced for a world champion jersey on the track (leaving with a respectable bronze) and is a passionate cyclist. Upon yet another inspection of the rims our assumptions were correct.

The wheels have all the telltale signs of a tubeless wheel. They are internally wide at 21mm, they have a large bead shelf for the normally more robust tubeless beads and there is a distinct 0.4mm (ETRTO max) rim bead hump/lock (not required for tubeless but NEVER on a non-tubeless rim). The well of the rim is fairly shallow for easier tubeless setup too. Then they use their Roval tubeless ready rim tape to put a little icing on the cake.

“Without any response from Roval and Specialized, we can’t properly determine the true risk of utilizing a tubeless setup on their new Rapide and Alpinist lines…”

Our local smart guy (from NASA) commented that in his opinion they were designed to be tubeless and a better design than most in fact. His comment was that the fact that Roval claims they are not tubeless means that something didn’t pass inspection at the last minute and they were too invested to change it. It’s as if he could read our thoughts, and was just further verification that something is up.

Maybe the bead shelf wasn’t the correct diameter (we don’t think this is the case) or the bead wall fails when running overinflated pressure (we doubt that because it would effect a tube setup too.) It is more likely that the full line of Specialized tires are not compatible but this is only a guess. For us, all the tubeless tires we tried (different brands) worked flawlessly. We have not done any long-term tests but the setup, bead retention while deflated and performance on a handful of rides was flawless.

While Roval and Specialized have not responded to the request for more info but instead have just asked that they are not promoted as tubeless. We reached out to a few of our local shops and have gotten mixed feedback. Some said that the first few complete bikes with the new wheels came with tubeless valves in the small parts box (early delivery launch timing) but since then have not been included.


We would always encourage people to follow the manufacturer’s specifications. Road tubeless has evolved very quickly in the last two years with much better performance, reliability and compatibility but as you can see, mistakes still happen at the highest levels. Enve has a tire compatibility list for their different wheel lines. Most of the incompatibility comes from tires not meeting the hookless requirements that some of their wheels have. We personally had no issues with our tubeless attempts on our Rapide CL wheels and even came away impressed. The addition of the bead lock (previous Roval road tubeless rims didn’t have this) makes it much easier to maintain tubeless system and the reason we believe there is more to the story than Specialized will tell. Without any response from Roval and Specialized, we can’t properly determine the true risk of utilizing a tubeless setup on their new Rapide and Alpinist lines and for that, we would steer clear until there is more information available.

If we get a response we will add it to this article, but don’t hold your breath.

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2021 Giro d’Italia: The PEZ First Look!

02/27/2021 0:04
giro20 st18 almeida

2021 Giro d’Italia Preview: The first Grand Tour of the season is the last to announce their route for 2021. As always the ‘percorso’ has everything, including a time trial finalé. Ed Hood has run an educated eye over the course for the ‘PEZ Giro d’Italia First Look’.

Repeat final stage over-turn in 2021?

Read the PEZ Previews of the 2021 Tour de France HERE and 2021 Vuelta a España HERE.


The Giro is back in its rightful place with just 10 weeks until; ‘all the world is pink.’ The organisation has released the percorso for our delight and delectation. It starts and finishes with a chrono but this is no race for the rouleurs with multiple stage finishes atop climbs. Total distance is 3,450 kilometres with 46 vertical kilometres within those. Let’s have a wander through a percorso which neglects the deep south but does delve deeply into Italy’s most closely packed contour lines.

Stage 1: Torino, 9.0 km (Individual Time Trial)
Torino again hosts an opening chrono, last time it was a TTT, back in 2011 with HTC winning and ‘chronoman’ Marco Pinotti taking the jersey – another specialist will win this one and it’ll be Ganna in pink.

I think we know who might win the first TT

street banners in torino
Torino is a great city – close to the Alps, big enough and small enough to spend some time on either end of a cycling trip to Alps.

Stage 2: Stupinigi (Nichelino) to Novara, 173 km
For the sprinters with Big Fillippo still in pink; Cipollini to win – what’s that, he quit, when?

Turn back the clock

Stage 3: Biella to Canale, 187 km
A little lumpy towards the end but the sprint trains will still be fresh and hungry and some of the sprinters will know they ain’t gonna make those mountain time cuts so they must ‘make hay. . .

Stage 4: Piacenza to Sestola, 186 km
Is for the breakaway BUT the GC boys just might probe on that climb to the finish?

Stage 4 – Too tough for the sprinters

Stage 5: Modena to Cattolica, 171 km
PAN flat for the sprinters – Minali hasn’t quit too, has he?

giro21st5 minali
Flat enough for Nicola Minali

Stage 6: Grotte di Frasassi to Ascoli Piceno (San Giacomo), 150 km
That’s one big ‘hump’ in the middle then a mountain top finish to give 3,400 meters of climbing, the pencil sketch of the GC is forming by now.

Stage 6

Stage 7: Notaresco to Termoli, 178 km
A doomed breakaway and sprint stage with the requisite crazy finale.

Stage 8 – Uphill finish in Guarda Sanframondi

Stage 8: Foggia to Guardia Sanframondi, 173 km
A breakaway stage for sure – but will they survive that GC onslaught to the finish?

Nothing new in a bit of gravel

Stage 9: Castel di Sangro to Campo Felice (Rocca di Cambio), 160 km
One for the climbers with four categorised climbs and a mountain top finish – seasoned with a little gravel.

One for the sprinters?

Stage 10: L’Aquila to Foligno, 140 km
The sprinters get an even break before the first rest day – despite the early lumps and bumps for the breakaway.

giro21 st 11
Yes, more gravel

Stage 11: Perugia to Montalcino, 163 km
This one includes 35 kilometres of gravel, a climb at the end but a downhill finish – for the strongman/baroudeur today. The climbers best be on their guard on that gravel – Martin and I ‘were those roadside soldiers’ when Cadel Evans won a similar stage in horrific weather conditions back in 2010, it’s one tough day at the office.

Stage 12

Stage 12: Siena to Bagno di Romagna, 209 km
For the breakaway and a good day to garner montagne points with four categorised climbs.

giro21 st13 quaranta
No Ed, Ivan has retired

Stage 13: Ravenna to Verona, 197 km
Pan flat and made for Ivan Quaranta, he was World Junior Sprint Champion and Marco Villa reckons he’s quicker than Mario – eh, he’s retired too?

giro21 st14
Zoncolan – As ugly as Pez Sez here.

Stage 14: Cittadella to Monte Zoncolan, 205 km
The Zoncolan is one of those climbs which PEZ soothsayer and mentor, Viktor shouldn’t be included – preposterously steep and suiting only a handful of the skinniest of men. But the TV and tifosi love it – and Vik will be watching it just like everyone else. A day you can lose the Giro.

giro21 st15
Slovenia for the day

Stage 15: Grado to Gorizia, 145 km
For the breakaway and pops into Slovenia whilst the GC guys get their breath back.

giro21st16 pordoi
The Passo Padoi

Stage 16: Sacile to Cortina d’Ampezzo, 212 km
A monstrous, as in 5,700 metres, Dolomites stage with Passeos Pordoi at 2239 metres ‘Clima Coppi’ as the highest point in the race and the Giau not far behind it at 2233 metres but with a long downhill run to the finish.

The Giro battle will be full on by now

Stage 17: Canazei to Sega di Ala, 193 km
Another hard day at the coal face with a mountain top finish allowing no scope to make up lost ground as there was on Stage 16.

Stradella stage 18 finish

Stage 18: Rovereto to Stradella, 228 km
Velocisti and a difficult day for the commentators. . .

A stage for Bernal?

Stage 19: Abbiategrasso to Alpe di Mera (Valsesia), 178 km
Bernal has already been out to recce this new climb to Alpe di Mera – will this be the day the race is won and lost? Ah, sorry, no, that’s tomorrow. . .

Alpe Motta

Stage 20: Verbania to Valle Spluga-Alpe Motta, 164 km
Another ‘monstro’ with three mega ascents in the second half, two of them topping 2,000 metres; a total of 4,800 metres climbing on this penultimate day.

giro21 st21
Important final TT

Stage 21: Senago to Milano, 29.4 km (Individual Time Trial)
Good to see a final time test rather that a ‘procession’ – the organisers will be hoping for a repeat of last year.

giro 21

I protagonisti:
It’s perhaps too early to talk about potential winners but Patrick Lefevere is launching last year’s race revelation, Portugal’s Joao Almeida back into the fray for Deceuninck; 2020 Tour winner, Egan Bernal is INEOS man for the job – with all those vertical metres right up his passeo; twice a winner, ‘Home Boy’ Vincenzo Nibali will be there for Trek – but Father Time has hacked his power meter; France’s Thibaut Pinot hopes that the lack of huge home expectation will enable him to achieve what everyone at Groupama believes he is capable of but has yet to achieve; ‘Mickey’ Landa has Bahrain hoping he can be victorious for them but it’ll be hard for the Spaniard to shake off his ‘nearly man’ tag; Simon Yates is back with Team BikeExchange to attempt to finish the job the ‘Brit’ started but failed to complete in 2018 and that other Frenchman who’s not quite lived up to expectation but who’ll revel in the climbs – and descents – Romain Bardet will be there in a new maillot, that of DSM, hoping that his new broom will sweep clean. And best not forget Astana’s Russian revelation, Aleksandr Vlasov. Teams-wise, all the big names are there but a shame Androni don’t make the cut, those boys know how to ‘honour the pink race’ – Wanty will take up that role though.

Will Evenepoel be the revelation of the 2021 Giro?

What the riders say:
Remco Evenepoel: “My big goal is to be ready for the start of the Giro. As you all know, last year, I was not able to compete in the race because of an injury after my crash at Il Lombardia. The course for this year seems to be really hard, and beautiful too. So I think it will be a nice race. I’m looking forward to feeling the Italian atmosphere and seeing all those amazing tifosi!”

Peter Sagan: “My participation at the Giro d’Italia last year was a wonderful experience and something that I’d always wanted to do. Now I am training in the Canary Islands ahead of the new season and hope to return to Italy ready to race.”

Bernal: Swap yellow for pink?

Egan Bernal: “I’m really happy to be preparing for the Giro d’Italia. This is a race that I have been wanting to do for a long time, since I first came to Italy. This year, I am really happy to be racing it and I have already been up Alpe di Mera, to try out that stage. This will be a difficult race, but still, I cannot wait to do it, as this one will be a beautiful Giro. I’ll be expecting all the fans to be cheering from home, in front of the tv, for both myself and for all the riders and teams that will be there.”

Vincenzo Nibali: “I do like this year’s course, and I’m happy about the way it’s been designed. There are a lot of climbs – some of these are major ones, like the Zoncolan! For now, I’ll focus on preparing for the race in the best way possible.”

giro20 st2 ganna
Ganna in pink

Filippo Ganna: “I’m really happy that the 104th edition of the Giro will start from Turin and my home region, Piemonte. The course for Stage 1 looks like a really fast one and I’m ready to do well in it. I’m looking to start the Giro on the right foot and replicate what I did last year, trying to wear the first Maglia Rosa.”

All that pink is good for the soul, the scenery is fantastic, the Tifosi are always fun, the vibe not too janitorial – and it’s impossible to get a bad cappuccino. Role on My 8th when the world turns PiNK. . .

giro 21

giro 21

# Stay PEZ for everything Pink. #

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Best MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12

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Want to try the iPhone 12’s new MagSafe tech but not sure where to start? We’ll show you some of our favorite accessories thus far.

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Flying cars over Los Angeles by 2024

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A bold Urban Air Mobility pledge could push a new form of transportation to the forefront.

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Poly Sync 20, hands on: Portable sound for work and play

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This battery-powered Bluetooth/USB speakerphone is nicely designed, with intuitive touch controls and the ability to charge a handset if necessary.

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Oil Painting – The Mythical Big Cat

02/27/2021 0:04

I love big cats. One day I happened to find some photos online of some hybrid lion/tigers (Ligers) such as:

Lion / Tiger Hybrid (Liger)

Lion / Tiger Hybrid (Liger)

I love the appearance of these hybrid big cats but I can’t find more clear photos in high resolution. I wanted to create one myself and actually painted it. I started with a regular ginger color tiger. I put on male lion’s hair and changed stripes to snow leopard’s spots. I saved some spots as solid as a cheetah. Also I added the black face line under its eyes just like a cheetah. Well I forgot to save some spots to make them as a jaguar but maybe I’ll save the idea for next time. It has a tiger’s face obviously. Snow leopard’s tail and paws. Since the background is greenish color, I finally decided to make my hybrid big cat albino, white and pale color.

As always I did a digital concept drawing over a reference photo. I wanted to keep the forest like background with water since it would be interesting to see a “lion-leopard” in the woods.

Done Ultimate Big Cats

And then I started to paint it on canvas with oil. I like painting its fur. Because it is a mythical big cat so only I know where the spots go. Ha!

I still don’t know how to name it yet. I just call it the ultimate big cat for now. If I come up with a better idea than that I’ll change it later. I’m also thinking about a black version of the “ultimate big cat”. That would be black panther based with some jaguar spots.

Overall, I enjoy painting imaginary creatures and scenes. Hope I could do more this year.

Thank you.

Image Credits

Lion Tiger Hybrid Photo –

Paintings by Yue Zeng – All Rights Reserved

First published at Yue Zeng Art Studio

Guest Artist Bio
Yue Zeng

My paintings are an outlet to express the imagination I have inside my head that I can not put into words. After trying many mediums, I always find myself coming back to paint and brushes. In my current artistic practice, I use oil paint and mainly create portraits of mythical creatures and animals transfixed in the shifting colours of seascapes and landscapes. There is a natural spirit and magic to these creatures and their energy draws me in. Choosing to paint these creatures as real living wildlife rather than abstractions, I use bold and vivid colours to express the imaginary intertwined with reality, finding magic between the seams. Using a saturated colour palette, I create bold and striking imagery, contrasted between foreground and background, subject and landscape, and light and darkness. Weaving their bodies and the surface of the landscape into each other through organic forms and flowing brush strokes, I find beauty, strength and innocence in these creatures that reflect my inner world.

See more of my work at Yue Zeng Art Studio


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02/27/2021 0:04

Ireland’s Sam Bennett won the penultimate stage six of cycling’s UAE Tour on Friday, confirming his early season form to claim his second victory at the Palm Jumeirah Island finish with ease. After Thursday’s possibly decisive 20km uphill finish the overall race leader Tadej Pogacar was able to take it easy on the run around Dubai, leaving the glory to the sprint specialists while he maintained his advantage finishing with the main pack. Bennett beat Italian ace Elia Viviani into second and the German Bora man Pascal Ackermann came third. The smiley Irishman, who cried after his first Tour de France stage win last season, can bag a hat-trick of wins Saturday on the seventh and final stage which also looks perfect for his strengths. The 30-year-old said he would certainly go for it.

“We’re pretty much nailing it at the minute,” said Bennett.

“I really want stage seven and we’ll for sure go for it again on Saturday.”

The Slovenian Pogacar goes into stage seven with a 45sec lead on last year’s champion Adam Yates with Portuguese rookie Joao Almeida in third at 1:12.

“That’s another day gone by,” the Team UAE leader Pogacar said. “It was  quite hectic with the wind in the middle of the race but we managed to stay all together. I hope tomorrow is a similar day.”

The 130-strong peloton headed into strong winds Friday with the temperature at 25 degrees Celcius for the 165km run around Dubai.

Four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome failed to finish with the main pack and crossed the line 2min 27sec down on the day.

“I feel stronger every day,” Froome said Thursday of his bid to get up to speed after coming to Dubai straight from rehab in California.

The 35-year-old insists he was not here to win but to start his preparations for the Tour de France in June.

He is 41st in the overall standings here, 19:05 behind Pogacar.

UAE Tour 2021 – Sam Bennett (IRL – Deceuninck – Quick-Step) – Elia Viviani (ITA – Cofidis) – Pascal Ackermann (GER – Bora – Hansgrohe)


1  BENNETT Sam Deceuninck – Quick Step 3:32:23
2  VIVIANI Elia Cofidis, Solutions Crédits 0:00
3  ACKERMANN Pascal BORA – hansgrohe 0:00
4  DEKKER David Team Jumbo-Visma 0:00
5  GAVIRIA Fernando UAE-Team Emirates 0:00
6  NIZZOLO Giacomo Team Qhubeka ASSOS 0:00
7  GROVES Kaden Team BikeExchange 0:00
8  GREIPEL André Israel Start-Up Nation 0:00
9  BOL Cees Team DSM 0:00
10  MØRKØV Michael Deceuninck – Quick Step 0:00


1  POGAČAR Tadej UAE-Team Emirates 20:41:59
2  YATES Adam INEOS Grenadiers 0:35
3  ALMEIDA João Deceuninck – Quick Step 1:02
4  HARPER Chris Team Jumbo-Visma 1:44
5  POWLESS Neilson EF Education – Nippo 1:46
6  SKJELMOSE JENSEN Mattias Trek – Segafredo 2:37
7  CARUSO Damiano Bahrain – Victorious 2:39
8  CATTANEO Mattia Deceuninck – Quick Step 3:53
9  FERNÁNDEZ Rubén Cofidis, Solutions Crédits 4:13
10  MASNADA Fausto Deceuninck – Quick Step 6:30
UAE Tour 2021 – Sam Bennett (IRL – Deceuninck – Quick-Step)

RBA/AFP Photos: Bettini

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